MITAB design furniture for pause and interaction.

For over 30 years, MITAB has been one of Sweden's most well known furniture brands. With roots in the town of Tranås in Småland, an area long associated with furniture manufacturing, MITAB are able to bring energy to their designs with some good old-fashioned Swedish craftsmanship.

Employing the leading design talents of the day, MITAB develop and manufacture high quality Swedish design furniture for the contract market, to be used and enjoyed by many. The current roster of designers includes the award-winning Form Us With Love, Jonas Wagell and Joel Karlsson.

Recent projects include EF International Schools, Google, H&M, Skype, Sony and Volvo.

For MITAB, the challenge is to create furniture that does not dominate, but instead compliments and enhances its environment. This is achieved with a broad collection of furniture and the customers freedom of choice.

Relay Design Agency represent MITAB in the U.K. and Ireland

We believe that passion creates great things. At Mitab we love what we do. We develop products with the intention to ease and create freedom for our users to focus their energy on their own passions.

We want to create furniture together with young curious designers, using methods that have as little effect on the environment as possible.
— Marcus Torstensson, Design Manager

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