Joel Karlsson re-imagines the Örsjö collection

When tasked to pick his favourite Örsjö lights to include in a new branding shoot designer Joel Karlsson had a wide choice to select from. Over their 67 year history Örsjö have worked with a host of exciting designers from Claesson Koivisto Rune to Note Design Studio.

For his edit Karlsson included new designs like the Hobo pendant lights by artist Gustaf Nordenskiöld, launched earlier this year, as well as more established members of the collection, like the Talk lamps by Marge Arkitekter launched in 2007.

Joel Karlsson would have be remiss if he left out his own lamps from the photoshoot. Working with Örsjö since 2011, his latest collaboration is Pebble - a mix of spun metal and mouth-blown glass pendant lamps.

OrsjoRichard HealyComment