Mitab launch Campfire by Note Design Studio


Mitab launches their new furniture family Campfire, designed by Stockholm based design collective Note Design Studio. Watch the video below to learn more.

Campfire is a collection of sophisticated and surprisingly simple furniture catering for the modern nomadic work environment. Comprising of six pieces - two benches, a large circular bench, a low table, occasional table and a screen - the range is inspired by the designers’ emotional response to the concept of a Campfire: an inviting, warm, informal place where people come together and share.

Campfire’s versatile, freestanding design and lightweight construction means the pieces can be easily moved and reconfigured, offering a fluid setting and opportunity to create a ‘place’ in any space. An immediately recognisable character ties the pieces together as a collection yet gives them a strong identity to work equally well as individual, stand-alone pieces.

Product LaunchRichard Healy