Studio Soundtrack #2 - Jonas Wagell


Relay Design Agency spoke to architect and designer Jonas Wagell about his studio practice and the music he listens to whilst producing designs for his clients - including Mitab, Menu and Tacchini.


What is the first thing that you do when you get into your studio?

I’m a fabulous and exciting night person and thus, usually a little slow and less communicative in the mornings. To extend the sleep hours I have breakfast in the studio, usually coffee and a sandwich, or the occasional yoghurt, while I’m going through emails and planning the day.

What is your most treasured studio item?

Let’s face it, I couldn’t work without my sketch book or computer. However, we recently moved to a new studio space and have been renovating for the last two months. When we finally got our stereo up and running again the new space really came alive with the music. 

What would be your dream project?

I have always strived for a broad approach to design and

architecture, but the last few years have been focused on furniture and lighting. This has been rewarding with well-received products for clients like Menu, Tacchini and Design Within Reach. However, I would love to work on something small-scale and detailed, like cutlery or consumer electronics.

How is music important to your creative processes?

I’m typically at my most creative in the late afternoon when emails and distractions are fading out. Music can be a disturbance when reading and writing, but it’s an accelerator for sketching and creating new ideas.

What do you do to relax after a day working in your studio?

My best stress reliever is running, it always makes me relax and feel better. I try to get the running shoes on a few days a week, and when I don’t – I love to go out for a beer or a bite to eat.


About Jonas.

Jonas Wagell is a Swedish architect and designer born in 1973.

Wagell’s studio is based in the Hornstull area of Stockholm, but its collaborations stretch as far as Asia and North America. Wagell’s clients include Menu, Normann Copenhagen, Tacchini and Mitab.


See more of Jonas' work at and see more from his studio on Instagram @jonaswagell

Images courtesy of Jonas Wagell.