Relay launches the Arcade collection at #LDF2019


Relay Design Agency is excited to announce the launch of the Arcade Collection - a platform created to commission new design. The inaugural collection will be exhibited as part of this years Shoreditch Design Triangle (14 - 22 September 2019).

Relay Arcade 2019.png
Arcade performs as a commissioning platform, showcasing limited edition and unique design products. Arcade has a strong focus on experimentation, allowing artists and designers space to produce work outside of their regular remit. The only adherence is that all pieces, be they an item of furniture, lighting or an object, must have a perceivable function.
— Neil Walsh, Managing Director - Relay Design Agency

Arcade is a collection of unique & limited-edition design objects, created by leading artists & designers, commissioned by Relay Design Agency, London.

For Arcade Collection #01, Relay is delighted to present exclusive new works by Attua Aparicio, Robin Grasby, HAHA Studio, Richard Healy, Jochen Holz and Silo Studio.

The focus of Arcade Collection’s selected artists was the independent craftsperson. Here the individual interprets their surroundings through the lens of the studio, harnessing technology to push the boundaries of craft, developing originality in material, process and application.

Collectively the resulting works, although all produced independently, focus on the surface tensions of material production. Often the methods utilised co-opt the processes of industrial mass-production and appropriate this language into the artist’s studio. The results of these shifts are works whose focus lie in penetrating the depth and complexity of the material’s surface.

Interestingly, themes start to appear in the group, whether that be the oxidised and anodised metal productions of HAHA Studio and Silo Studio, respectively, whose stripped-back forms frame the resulting richness of their finishes. These stand in counterpoint to Richard Healy, who conceals his slick lilac metal surfaces by suspending them in cast concrete. Robin Grasby also explores suspended forms with his carefully selected marble waste cast into a unique dining table completed with glass table top.

The myriad applications of glass production can also be seen in the work of Attua Aparico whose newly completed ceramic works experiment with the introduction of glass into the kiln processes that fire her forms. So too in the new work by glass-blower Jochen Holz, who continues his exploration of sculptural lighting. Here, Holz has chosen to use the invitation from Relay to produce his first ever mirror work - further pushing the limits of glass and the brilliance of its surface.

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