Relay launches Arcade - a new design platform


Relay Design Agency is excited to announce the launch of Arcade - a platform created to commission new design. The inaugural collection will be exhibited as part of this years Shoreditch Design Triangle (14 - 22 September 2019).

Relay Arcade 2019.png
Arcade performs as a commissioning platform allowing artists and designers to produce work outside of their regular remit. Arcade has a strong focus on experimentation, the only adherence is that all pieces, be they an item of furniture, lighting or an object, must have a perceivable function
— Neil Walsh, Managing Director of Relay Design Agency

For this inaugural collection, Arcade has approached Attua Aparicio, Robin Grasby, HAHA Studio, Richard Healy, Jochen Holz and Silo Studio to produce new works.

The focus of Arcade’s selected artists was the individual craftsperson. Influenced by craft and custom, these individuals share much with the Arts & Craft movement, as well as the Mingei craft movement in Japan. In these movements the individual interprets the natural world through the lens of the studio, developing originality in material, process and application.

Arcade continues this exploration with natural materials like limestone, reclaimed marble, ceramic, patinated metals, even natural gases like neon, appearing reformed through design processes as imaginative and original new works. These processes could appear to calcify or harden nature, however it is through individual craft that the poetry of the natural world is retained. Whether that be in the carefully selected marble waste cast into a resin dining table by Robin Grasby; or the custom patinated surfaces from HAHA studio - the natural world is evident.

So too is it evident in the considered curves of Jochen Holz’s first-ever mirror design, framed by his signature neon. Next to which will be placed a floor light by visual artist Richard Healy. Completing the presentation will be a bespoke shelving system by Silo Studio housing new works by Attua Aparicio.

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