Harri Koskinen and Vuokko at Rohsska Museum

Awarded the prestigious Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Award last month, Harri Koskinen was given a solo exhibition at the Rohsska Museum, Gothenburg. Curated as a retrospective, the exhibition shows his breadth as a designer; including furniture, textiles, glass, clocks, lamps and included examples from what have already become classics to his very latest creations.
We at Relay loved his ‘Fatty’ containers (below), amazingly produced 10 years ago. New designs included ‘Folded Light’ (shown in red) which sat alongside ‘Pur’ tablelamp for Marset and ‘Asteroide’ chandelier for Venini (also a new design). New textiles included monochrome designs for Marimekko.

Other Marimekko designs at Rohsska Museum could be found in the retrospective for Finnish designer Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi ‘the fashion queen of modernism’ and the woman responsible for giving Marimekko their instantly recognizable style.
The exhibition covers 40 years of amazingly stylish and contemporary designs which are as fresh as her 2010 collection which is also including in the exhibition.

Richard HealyeventsComment