Relay visited the Super Contemporary Show at the Design Museum this weekend. We enjoyed the playfulness of Paul Smith’s Bunny Bin with light up ears (below) and Thomas Heatherwick’s bouquet of street lights, however this is not an exhibition you can see in half an hour. With a potted history of the last 40 years of London design (including the birth of Pentagram right up to Industrial Facility’s Two Timer clock for Established & Sons) set yourself a few hours and take it all in, especially the Super Contemporary commissions in the centre of the space.

One idea that stood out against the crowd came courtesy of Mr. Wayne Hemingway. He is proposing a series of (new and existing) kiosks around London be offered to young creatives and start-up entrepreneurs for free as a platform to sell their wares directly to the public. So many kiosks are laden down with the same tourist tat while so many young designers struggle to get exposure, surely now is the time to promote creativity as a way out of recession and give the kids a chance!

The first free kiosk will be at More London this summer, with hopefully more to follow. Designers/Creatives/Artists/Start-up entrepreneurs can apply for a slot at

If, however, you cannot wait to catch these pop-up stalls for a hit of new talent – New Designers is on its way and we are particularly excited as the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (ICA) have announced its partnership with this year’s New Designers exhibition in Islington this July.

For 24 years, New Designers has been bringing together the very best in UK graduate design, showcasing the work, energy and talent of some 3,500 young designers every July in the Business Design Centre, London. It’s the freshest and most vibrant show of its kind, and runs for two weeks from Part 1: 9-12 July and Part 2:16-19 July.

Richard HealyComment