KÖLN 2011 - Interior Trends at IMM Cologne

Positioned at the centre of IMM Cologne was Interior Trends 2011. The result of a two-day workshop between a board of designers, architects and editors the trend fair took the form of four presentations. We particularly liked ‘Emotional Austerity’, curated by Patricia Urquiola (below). Mixing the high-tech finishes with traditional craft techniques, Urquiola’s title is slightly misleading as the only austerity was the colour palette, thus allowing the natural textures of leather, wool and clay to come to the fore creating a sense of total luxury.

Standing in opposition was ‘Transforming Perspectives’ by Martin Leuthold, which propositioned that recent austerity has robbed us of magic and wonder. Exploding with colour and surface design, Leuthold mixed the palette of street graffiti with mystic and magically shapes and forms. We particularly like ABR's Bell-Table by Sebastian Herkner.

Bold uses of colour continued in the program of talks and discussions held alongside the trend presentations.
We managed to catch textile-designer-of-the-moment Cristian Zuzunaga talk about his recent collaborations with Tate London and his new designs for Kvadrat. We love his new ‘Curtain Collection’ which uses embroiled cotton threads that appear to glow, creating an abstract cityscape.