KÖLN - Top Picks at IMM KÖLN 2010

You could not help to be struck by how grey was everywhere in IMM Köln. Manufacturers showcased every imaginable tone and hue on their stands with few accent colours. Due to this texture played an incredibly important role with a particular emphasis on luxury. Natural finishes including woven textiles mixed with raw woods were placed alongside other natural surfaces like leather and ceramics.

Gervasoni mixed wicker with their oversized and cosy cushion seating. Accenting their warm greys with bright orange they headed the trend for exposed seams. Contrasts were added with glazed ceramic stools.

Jasper Morrison continued the theme of natural and luxurious textures with his ‘Cork Table’ for Cappellini. Also on Cappellini was the ‘Antler’ armchair designed by Japanese star Nendo. Constructed with an Ash olive-tree-stained backrest and feet with a low soft seat in felt, the Antler is also available in leather with an optional Tibetan lamb’s fur cushion…now that is luxury!

ClassiCon showcased their 2008 Saturn Stool/Side Table by Barber Osgerby alongside the new Munich Lounge Chair by Sauerbruch Hutton (below). These carved sculptural forms in leather and walnut combined to create a heavy ethnic atmosphere, which was enhanced by the 1973 ‘Kilin’ collection by Sergio Rodrigues with its solid eucalyptus wood and animal hide.

For those who did not appreciate the choice of natural finishes contemporary metal designs could be seen with Serafini Shelving and ‘Bucky’ tables by Seefelder (below). Other highlights for those with industrial tastes would have to be the Extension Floor Lights by Ligne Roset.

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