Milan 2009 – white is the new black!

Through the miles and miles of stands at this years Milan Furniture Fair you could not fail to notice the abandonment of black and the move away from moody tones of grey seen in previous years. White was back with a vengeance – blindingly bright and fresh! B&B Italia did it with stoic purity. Patricia Urquiola did it with subtly and a deft use of material including stone, marble and quartz, seen in the stunning ‘Marbleous Garden’ at Universita Degli Studi di Milano (above). The trend for form over colour was pushed to the extreme in Antoine + Manuel’s ‘Cabinet’ for bd Barcelona (Spain) seen below.

While Gervasoni (Italy) decided to accent their whites with colour and headed the trend for white monotone combinations.

However top of our list has to be Porro (Italy) who showcased their ‘Black&White’ collection by Front - a stunning series of white cabinets designed with super skinny black line facades. And with a touch of perverse genius, they saw fit to cover their showroom windows with blue lighting gels and lit the interior with a cool blue glow – highlighting the true flexibility of this years colour of choice, as their whites absorbed and vibrated with differing tones and hues…brilliant!