Milan 2009 - Zeitraum

Can sustainability be a trend? That’s the idea at the core of the latest collection from German manufacturer Zeitraum, and that’s precisely what attracted us to them.

Sustainability has become a buzzword for marketeers and politicians alike, but when will we get to a place where the buzz has gone and it is just second nature? In many parts of Northern Europe the ideas of recycling, reducing waste and only using materials from responsible sources is so engrained into their consciousness they don’t understand the fuss. We look forward to the day when that happens in the UK.

Zeitraum has apparently been a trend setter – sustainability has been a corner stone since their inception 19 years ago.

Timeless elegance, classic styling, honest, tactile furniture from sustainable materials are the buzzwords we should be using to describe Zeitraum. High-tech is ditched in favour of high-touch. Taking their cue from nature, where nothing is superfluous and everything makes sense, details have a specific meaning.

Morph chair combines organic curves with some sharp angles to give an unusual form. The light appearance takes up very little space both physically and visually.

Nyord table references traditional kitchen or refectory tables, and invites friends to sit side by side. There is no head of the table. It’s all about socialising.

Honest. Character. Substance. The new definition of luxury.

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