Milan 2011 - Salone Satellite

Salone Satellite is the official area for young designers at the main fair. Unfairly tucked away at the back of Halls 22 and 24 (the furthest point from the entrance for most visitors and therefore overlooked by many), Salone Satellite gives young designers and brands a standard white cube from which to sell themselves and their designs.

Based in east London, Corinna Warm returned to Milan with a van full of new designs. Her most confident collection to date, she has garnered a lot of attention from the international design press in the last couple of weeks, and deservedly so. Her new collection of lighting, tables and even a large desk, using materials ranging from walnut to brass and gloss paint finishes, made quite the impression. Warm was also visible with in Tortona, with her Circus pendant shown last year now in production with Innermost.

Marina tables (top) and Glaze pendants (bottom) by Warm

Jarrod Lim presented the Idle rocking chair, while Atelier Takagi presented the beautiful Market Research tables in marble, wood and steel atop the New Basics table and alongside the fun, bird-like Big Bounce light.

Atelier Takagi - Market Research table (top) and Big Bounce (bottom)

Tucked away in the corner, we also found Lina Nordqvist, who presented an elegant salon complete with striking bookshelves, classic sofa and luxurious leather pouff.

It’s a shame you have to walk so far to find these designers (it is worth noting that in Stockholm you will find the “Greenhouse” area adjacent the main contract hall!), who are often more exciting than the main event, but as with all the best things in life, it’s worth going the extra mile!