Ӧrsjӧ shine at Stockholm Furniture Fair

The Ӧrsjӧ stand at this weeks Stockholm Furniture Fair was a hive of activity all day, every day. New product launches from Benjamin Hubert and Claesson Koivisto Rune certainly help draw the crowds.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert marks the first collaboration between the 64 year old Ӧrsjӧ and a British designer. A bank of LEDs is shrouded in perforated aluminium, an industrial material deliberately chosen by Hubert as a nod to Ӧrsjӧ’s rich manufacturing history.
An articulated arm with knurled aluminium detailing which can be adjusted horizontally as well as rotated makes Crane a playful yet practical desk light.

Claesson Koivisto Rune took an altogether different approach with Baklava. Designed for the recently opened Nobis Hotel in the centre of Stockholm, Baklava is a soft and pillowy triple layer fabric shade on a simple stem. The light within is split so the bottom part of the shade emits a warm glow. Two sizes of table light have been released, but if you are lucky enough to stay at Nobis you will see giant, over-sized floor versions filling the large central atrium space.

CKR were named Elle Interiӧr Designers of the Year 2011.

Also officially launched at the show was a new family called Butler, designed by Joel Karlsson. We had a sneak peek back in November at The Sleep Event and the reaction was just as positive this time around. Based on the premise that modern technology should act like butlers of old and make our lives easier without us even knowing they are in the room, Butler stands ready behind your favourite reading chair to shine a light.