Appearing out of the chaotic Hafercity in Hamburg - Subvision Festival had a hugely successful first outing this summer. Under the curatorship of Brigitte Kolle, the festival sought to bring together the worlds most interesting art and design initiatives. Housed in a series of shipping containers, flanked by purpose-built temporary auditoriums, each initiative produced exhibitions and events for the two week duration.



We at Relay particularly liked the project by F.A.I.T from Krakow, who collaborated with Hamburg based group Umschicten to transform their shipping containers into a luxurious villa for their artists and designers, complete with rooftop swimming pool.




Other great projects included Baltic Raw Org who specialise in creating pop-up architectural interventions. Overlooking the busy port they built Friland - a building whose use sits somewhere between that of an art gallery and a dance club.



The only disappointing point was the no-show from Copenhagen based designers N55, leaving their lonely geodesic globe looking abandoned on the side-lines.

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