Zeitraum News 2012

Barely 2 weeks into the new year and IMM Cologne opened its doors to the international design trade. The first major fair on the design calendar, IMM Cologne is the launchpad for Zeitraum’s new products.

The 2012 Zeitraum collection encapsulates many of the trends visible at the show - quality, traditional materials left unadorned to allow their beauty to shine through and simple grey backgrounds offset with a flash of bright jewel colours.

The successful relationship with designers Formstelle continues apace with Turntable - a traditionally turned wooden table hiding a steel base which allows large diameter tops. Reminiscent of salon tea tables, Turntable is both elegant and statuesque, instantly adding a sense of gravitas to any room. Smaller scale Turntables are also available as side and coffee tables.

Organic has always been a word associated with Zeitraum and never has it been more appropriate than when describing the new Kontur family of tables. A central pillar is supported by a twin-layered amorphous base, reminiscent of a map’s contour lines. The pillar supports a solid wooden top, which again can be organic, square or round and will be available as coffee, cafe and high bar tables. 

The amoprhous detail continues through to Twist Stone. Designed by Formstelle as an extension to the popular the Twist family, Twist Stone juxtaposes the sharp angles of the base with a curvaceous top.

A graduate project by Stephan Schmid, Strip combines beautiful materials in a charmingly lo-fi extending table. When packed away, twin tops lie above above each other on brass runners, with the lower one easily pulled out to give a little extra space when required. When extended, both tops sit in the top rails making Strip the perfect option for the occasional entertainer.

Plaisir seeks to make life a little easier, acting both as a side table and a tray. Carry your guests drinks and remove the empties with ease, simply by lifting the tray off the wooden frame. Formstelle have designed two versions of Plaisir - Plaisir 1 is tall and slim, topped with a shallow wooden bowl while the lower, wider Plaisir 2 has an aluminium tray with soft-touch powder coating and polished aluminium edge. Apart from being a pleasant sensation, the soft touch coating is also non-slip.  

A new version of the Noon lighting family made a welcome appearance. In keeping with the family’s strong graphic lines, Noon 3 is available in 2 sizes, making it ideal for smaller cafe tables as well as larger dining tables.

The Morph family has been extended and tweaked, with the addition of Morph Pouf to make your experience of Morph Lounge even more relaxing. Morph and Morph Bar also featured on the stand in their new fully upholstered formats. The emphasis was on flexibility, with two complimentary fabrics (or fabric and leather) on the same chair and contrast stitching now a standard option.

We’ve been promised another couple of new products in Milan, but they are still top secret, so you’ll just have to wait for April. Our lips are sealed.